8-Shape Expander Resistance Band

8-Shape Expander Resistance Band

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This exercise band is portable, for group training, personal training, and interval training, and for home use. Very Lightweight, could easily be put it in a suitcase or bag while travelling. This resistance band can be used for muscle isolation, integrated strength training, high-energy sports conditioning, and rehabilitation. Beginners can get the right amount of resistance to ensure proper form. This product is also ideal for both men and women.


-Lightweight and very convenient to use.
-Train your arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, and more.
-Long-term use can tone the upper arm muscles
-Get lean and strong with the most effective single arm and double arm exercises for total upper body conditioning
-Soft foam handles for extra comfort
-Works for home-based strength training. Exercise your chest muscle, back muscle, 
-Great for beginner, personal trainer or group exercise instructor.


Colour: Black

Whats in the Box?:

1 x 8-shape Expander Resistance Band